State-of-the-Art Research Facility for Usability Testing, Focus Groups, Shopper Studies

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Access the state-of-the-art equipment and technology that goes into some of the most advanced innovation-oriented research projects in the world.

3-D Eye Tracking

Mobile User Testing

Biometric Data Gathering

HD Digital Monitoring & Recording

Support your study with on-demand tech support, training, and moderation.

C3RLabs Advanced Facilities

We accommodate your unique research needs.

Usability Testing + Eye Tracking

Dissect the user functionality of your website, program, or mobile app using eye-tracking technology and heat-mapping analysis.

Software Testing + Eye Tracking

Obtain detailed user experience insights for your software with deep-dive interviews augmented by eye-tracking session replays

Mobile Testing + Eye Tracking

Understand how end-users consume on mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones with 3D eye-tracking glasses

Innovation Labs

Utilize expert moderators and small-triad groups for high-impact ideation sessions as well as rapid prototyping.

Biometric Studies

Gain insights beyond spoken words with the latest BIOPAC technologies for data acquisition of skin conductance, heart rate, and facial EMG

Retail Studies

Immerse participants in an authentic retail environment with a mock-store setup and task objective

Advanced Technology and Real-Time Support

Omni-Channel Live Webcasting

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Wide-Angle HD Cameras

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Interactive Whiteboard & Projector

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Observation Headquarters

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Traditional & Mobile Eye-Tracking

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Monitor Duplication & Split-Screen Recording

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Biometric Data Collection

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Augmented Reality and VR

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