Focus Group

Lab 1 Focus Group Room C3RLabs

Focus Group

C3RLabs offers fully-equipped focus group facilities.
Comfortable suites and conference-style setups are carefully designed for optimal data collection,
monitoring, and recording. Research services such as participant recruitment, transcripts, and trained moderators are
available to ensure your focus group study is a success.


Room Dimensions : 19’ x 19’ — Observation Room: 19’ x 17’

Large conference-style space accommodates 12 comfortably.

Suitable for large focus groups, mobile testing, usability studies, and in-depth interviewing.

  • Bright, comfortable conference setup w/ one-way mirror
  • Observation room w/ workstations, reliable Internet access

State-of-the-Art Research Facility for Usability Testing, Focus Groups, Shopper Studies

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Room Dimensions : 18’ x 15’ — Observation Room: 15’ x 15’

Comfortable suite configured as a living room is ideal for multimedia studies;
focus groups of 8-10 participants; or eye-tracking and biometric studies.

The viewing room can accommodate 10 comfortably.

Lab Technology

Multiple wide-angle cameras

for 360° lab observation & recording

Monitor duplication and split-screen recording

Omni-channel live webcasting

Interactive whiteboard & projector

Traditional & mobile eye-tracking

Biometric data collection

Virtual Reality Technology

Research Services

Access to our local panel

Customizable participant recruitment

Study transcripts

Trained moderators

Online survey programming & monitoring